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Do you know what is ‘Night Guard’?


About ‘Night Guard’

A high-quality plastic dental appliance is known as a Night Guard which fits over your top teeth. When the clenching or grinding happens, the force is transferred to your night guard in place of your teeth. The deep grooves can be eventually formed into the night guard out of the grinding’s force. Night Guard can prevent the same force from damaging the teeth. Your enamel can wear down exceedingly and lead to your tooth sensitivity without the night guard. Your teeth might be cracked or chipped and required restorative treatment to repair. On the other hand, Bruxism can also be treated through night guard. Night guards are also famous for mouth guards, bite splints, or dental guards. It gives a cushion to your jaw muscles and the cushioning helps you to prevent the jaw as well as face pain and protect your teeth’s enamel.

Types of Night Guard and its Pros & Cons

In the market, you can find or purchase a cost-effective night guard for your teeth but remember there are different types of Night Guards you must choose the best one according to your needs and fittings.

Soft Night Guard

The most common use is Night Guard which helps to treat Bruxism or for mild cases. It is made up of soft materials and pliable rubber is more flexible than other night guards. Please note this cannot be used for intense teeth grinders.


  • This night guard is very comfortable
  • It is also very easy to use
  • The cost of the night guard is pocket friendly


  • People generally use to chew because of its softness
  • It has a limited lifespan
  • Warranty is 6 months or less than that
  • It cannot use for long term

Dual laminate

This Night guard is used in Bruxism; it is also known as Bilaminar. These guards are made up of 2 distinct layers: ethylene-vinyl acetate. The inside part is soft and the outer part is hard. The occlusal appliance is very cost-effective but easy to fit. It provides greater resistance.


  • It has the long-lasting capability
  • Long warranty and has a soft guard
  • It can handle grinding as well as heavy clenching


  • It is thicker comparably to other Night Guards
  • Hard to adjust it

Hard Night Guard

This night guard is made up of hard acrylic. This is generally used by people who have severe clenching as well as grinding. It is a rigid but long-lasting product.


  • It is the most durable
  • It helps to prevent your teeth from shifting
  • It along with the warranty


  • It is thicker
  • Quite uncomfortable
  • You will face difficulties if you use it while sleeping
  • It is expensive

Teeth grinding and Sleep Apnea related?

When you are unable to breathe at night, your entire body will attempt to open the airway again by the reflex mechanism. This is one of the processes that your body could do by clenching or grinding the teeth. And this process will bring your lower jaw onward, the airway will open up. On the other hand, the motion of the grinding will move the jaw from one side to another which helps to make airway space.

As per the research and scientific evidence, it claims that bruxism could be the symptom of your sleep apnea. The important factor is that many specialists are not aware of this vital information. This is the reason dentists are prescribed, night guards.

Here are few effective tips to adjust your Night Guard

Firstly, always choose the thinnest guard which is very suitable for your mouth and teeth of course Secondly, for a minimum of four to six weeks, you need to stick with it and be familiar with the night guard. After 4-6 weeks you will be used to it and it will become easier for you to wear it.

Thirdly, put on the night guard before going to your bed. It feels obnoxious.

Various Night Guard for fitting

Perfect fitting of night guard for your teeth is very important, it also depends which brand you are choosing it. Here are some different kinds of night guard fits:

  • One size fit– it has a pocket-friendly budget. You should also keep in your mind that it is not custom-fitted. This might be used for some occasional tooth grinder.
  • Boil along with bite- in this type of night guard you need to boil it into the water and bite fit is a simple and easier and most common type.
  • Online order– you can also go for an online purchase; you just need to send your impression to the chosen company. The company will mail back you with the fitted mouthpiece.
  • Created in the lab- you can also get it from your dentists, this will be the accurate fit because it was made up according to your impression in the lab.

So, if you think that you are also suffering from this problem, don’t worry, visit our clinic. It will be easily treated and we will fix it. All the expert dentists are here to take care of you and discover your root cause.