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Know about Veneers?


Thin, tooth-colored coverings are known as dental veneers that are made up of porcelain and various materials of composite that is placed over the visible parts of the teeth. These tooth replacements cover the front of each tooth they are put on and are developed to enhance the appearance of your shining smile. The veneers look just like real teeth.  One can customize the dental veneers according to the color and shape of the original teeth. Dental veneers are just an improved artificial version of one’s teeth. There are many people who have broken, chipped, worn teeth as well as stains and these can not be fixed through whitening or by bleaching treatments so they can go for veneers that might work for them. If you are dealing with discolored or gray on your teeth from any previous damage so in that case, veneers can help you to fix the problem. 

Know how does it work?

Generally, veneers cover your existing teeth with a thin layer of composite resin or porcelain. They are placed by removing 0.3–0.5 millimeters from the tooth’s surface in order to maintain the nerve as well as maintain maximum strength, so that your dental veneers last a long time and that there will be little if any difficulty replacing them when necessary in the future. The dentist will ensure you the possible recommendation according to the current condition of your teeth. 

Types: Dental Veneers

In the current market, there are many different types of dental veneers, before go to buying take advice from the expert. Porcelain veneers are considered as a best and traditional type it helps to get the teeth original and comfortable at the same time. There are mainly two types of materials that make dental veneers, including:

Composite Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Palatal Veneers 


Removable Veneers 

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