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Why is Teeth Extraction Important?


The third molar is also known as wisdom teeth. A wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt. So, the third molar appears at the back of your jaw and the age of the third molar tooth’s eruption is around 18 years to 25 years. Several people have a mindset that during tooth extraction painkillers have been medicated.  The number of tooth extractions is unremarkable as well as a quick process also. 

Why do wisdom teeth require to be extracted?

The most common and general reason for wisdom tooth extraction is impaction.  When your tooth is either forced to erupt an adjacent tooth or if it has tipped over completely within your jaw and creates pressure on the root of your adjacent molar. Sometimes people may ignore the impacted teeth and the results become severe toothache that may lead to increased infection risk. An expert always suggests going for an extraction that gives the fastest relief from pain and gives you a normal life. 

Is the extraction painful?

In most circumstances, tooth extraction in modern dentistry is a relatively routine procedure. A simple wisdom tooth extraction is a quick surgery done under local anesthesia with minimum recovery time when the tooth is easily accessible. A fully impacted tooth that’s completely hidden beneath the jaw. The procedure is a little more difficult, and the healing period is a little longer. The gum is opened, a small amount of bone is scraped to bare the tooth, the tooth is broken down and removed, and the entire site is sewn up for these extractions. 

In most circumstances, this will be done under local anesthetic, but in other cases, an overall anesthetic may be required, especially if all four wisdom teeth become impacted by this procedure. 

Is it important to extract all wisdom teeth?

Sometimes, if one wisdom tooth gets impacted and the rest are in good condition then in this scenario the expert will recommend removing all of your wisdom teeth because it might unbalance your bite.  It also can create uneven pressure on teeth, which might lead to cracks, infections, or chips.

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