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Composite Veneers & Porcelain Veneers

In order to correct mal-aligned teeth, discolored, or defective but crowns do best job but costs more and provides longevity. In certain cases, the crowns are also used to cover the broken teeth. Of course, the compposite veneers are cheaper and quick.

Actually, the dental composite is a kind of the material which is used in the tooth bonding technique. Moreover, costs of this treatment are so reasonable and therefore, it can be easily afforded by all the people. In fact, the composite covers only the front of the teeth and also it covers front closes gaps. So, it gives the natural looking teeth as the alternative.

Additionally, veneer services is also provided by the dental professionals and veneer is a kind of thin layer of porcelain or the ceramics which is added on the tooth to enhance the aesthetics. pocelain veneers are dearer, couple of visits can help to retain the high gloss luster & shine – life like appearance.